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I am writing this post as your friendly neighborhood realtor. I am seeing heavy advertisement from large tech firms and those representing large hedge funds to make you a "offer" on your home and a quick closing. They are showing lots of videos about how you do not have to bother with showings and being inconvenienced by contact with people to sell your property. Let me tell you.. unfortunately they are simply not being honest. As a professional I already understood their business models but I want to pull the curtain back for you.

These firms do not offer you appraised value. They start off with a lower algorithm value ( similar to less than a Zillow algorithm). They reduce that price by realtor commission. Reduce again for their closing costs. or they call it a "liquidity" fee of 8% to 16%. They will also complete an inspection on your property and reduce the property for all of their repair costs to rehabilitate your property and then give you the NET after all of these fees. This becomes your "final" offer price and if you do not accept they will cancel the sale.

In a traditional sale with a Realtor, we comb the MLS for all the recent sales and view similar property condition and types of homes and discuss what we are seeing as avg seller concession. We place your home on our open market to give you wide exposure for your property so you have the opportunity to receive the highest and best offer. The cost of sale is Realtor commission and any buyer closing cost concession. 

Is it not WORTH a few people walking though your home upfront to keep thousands ( I have seen offers 10k-over 100K lower than property value being offered) in your pocket? You can use this money for so many things! This could be your money to move you to another property more comfortably or even if you went on vacation or whatever! Why give it away just because someone is telling you it is "easy"! Let me tell you! Maybe it was easy to earn money while you simply lived in your home but friends don't let friends give their hard earnest $$$ away!! 

Also please think of your neighbors you leave behind.. each time a sale occurs in our neighborhood that is under value it hurts the next home owner that lists their home for sale. As a Realtor for the past 20 years I have been around to see many of the cycles I know! After the recession of 2008 we witnessed our property values plummet and snatch our properties up for little to nothing.. then the hedge funds came in and convinced the banks to simply bulk sale them all the foreclosed properties. Those hedge funds tightened the market and placed properties in their funds and watched values increase and their profits grow. The tech companies have the deep pockets and control over the algorithms to tell you from California what your property is worth sight unseen. 

We are seeing our values comeback and we should be the ones to reap that benefit. If you need a free easy home valuation with no pressure.. I am happy to help you and go over all the details you may be concerned about. I have helped my clients transition from selling to purchase many times and in the recession I saved my clients homes from foreclosure or if they were ready to move on I completed hundreds of short sales.. thank you for reading :-)

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Oct. 30, 2019

Updated List for Down Payment Assistance Programs in Georgia 2019


Need help buying a home? You may qualify for one of these programs.

Statewide Programs

Local Programs

Sept. 16, 2019

Code Red Notification System for Dekalb County Georgia

Hello Friends,

Each County has a Code Red Emergency Notification System that will help you know what is going on in your county and what you can do to help and protect yourself and family & friends.

In 2013 DeKalb County purchased the CodeRed Emergency Notification System for citizen notification of emergency events. It is a free service but you must register! I encourage every DeKalb County resident to sign up and share this information!

Please go to the following DeKalb County website for CodeRED to get more information on the service and FAQ's. https://www.dekalbcountyga.gov/dema/codered#faq .

Also on this page under the "HOW DO I SIGN UP" section there is a link to the enrollment site. Remember the service is FREE!

Community Notification Enrollment


July 10, 2019

10 Things I wish I did before Contacting a Real Estate Agent


So you are thinking about Home Ownership?  That is AWESOME!!  There are so many reasons why it is in your best interest to be a home owner.  The main one being pride in Ownership!  People typically take care of and have more pride in things they take ownership of and are responsible to maintain.   You can comfortably improve your property because it is yours!  You can plant flowers, paint your walls, add decorative improvements all while you are typically saving money on your take return and many times gaining equity over time.


But Before you contact a Realtor you should think about your WHY'S!!!!   and you should be prepared to work with a Realtor and better understand their role in your big WHY!






1. Obtain all three credit bureau reports by going to www.annualcreditreport.com .  The very first thing that must be done is a review of your credit.  Before you look at a home a Realtor will ask you to speak with a lender to obtain a prequalification letter.  The lender will obtain a copy of your Mortgage Credit Report and ask you for your income details to determine how much home you are able to purchase.  Most lenders require a minimum credit score of 640 to purchase and if you are trying to obtain down payment assistance the credit score requirement will be higher.  It is best for you to get a copy of all of your credit reports and pay for the score so that you can begin to take steps if necessary to get your credit score to requirement to purchase.  If you do not understand how to increase your score then this is a good time to speak with a lender or an agent to ask them to provide you with some insight or resources for a credit counseling or restoration company that is reputable.

2. Review Your  Income and Create A Budget This is very important as a home purchase is a very large financial transaction and typically one of the largest that most people make in their lifetimes.  You will want to review your income and take a look at your monthly budget to determine where you are over spending and where you can eliminate unnecessary expenses to help you save toward your home purchase.


3. Save for the cost of Home Purchase which includes Earnest Money, Inspection, Appraisal, Down Payment and Moving Expenses.  Once you have completed a review of your budget then you can plan to save for your home purchase.  There are many items that you will have to be prepared for if you plan to buy a home.  Once you have located a property with your Realtor you must have the earnest money to secure the contract.  The earnest money is credited to you at the closing table but you will have to be prepared to place it upfront until you close. Also the earnest money secures the contract to ensure that you meet your contractual obligations so that you can close. Earnest money can typically be any where from a thousand dollars to a percentage of the purchase price of the home.  You will also need to have the inspection money available. I recommend that everyone obtain a home inspection within the due diligence period of the contract to ensure there are no major issues with the property and if there are items that need to be addressed you will have the opportunity to ask the seller to make the repairs prior to moving forward with closing the property.  The appraisal is also and expense that you pay to the bank for the valuation of the property.  Appraisals also typically depend upon the size of the property and type of loan.  You will need your down payment that can be 3.5% for a standard FHA loan to 5%-20% down for a conventional loan. It is also determined by the type of loan you obtain and your credit score. 


4. Think about all the reasons WHY you want to Own A Home Before contacting a Realtor be sure that you have thought through all your WHY's for wanting to purchase a home.  Buying a home can be an emotional process and it is best to be emotionally clear and committed to the process of home ownership.  Do you SEE yourself in your own home decorating?  Making meals, enjoying the outdoors?  Do you see yourself  entertaining friends or having room for when family comes to visit?  Do you see yourself making life or family size changes?  If you have children do you have a desire for them to have their own bedrooms and their own yard to play in or a safe neighborhood and other children to make friends with?  Have you thought about all of the reasons WHY you want to be a home owner?  If you know your whys then you will be more motivated to follow through on the items required to make your dream or home ownership a reality.

You are asking a TEAM of people to spend their time money and resources to help you obtain your dream of home ownership and if you are not COMMITTED to your side of the transaction then you are honestly wasting everyone else's time. 


5. Determine about How much home you  think you can afford.  You will want to think in terms of the monthly payment that you are comfortable with and look at the homes in the area you would like to live in to see if you are in the ball park of affordability.  Everyone has Champagne tastes but not everyone has a Champagne budget.  Think about the monthly payment that you can afford and what this translates to in terms of the price range of home that you can afford including Principal Interest Taxes and Homeowner Insurance.  Once you have an idea of this Home price range you will be able to then think about the area/location.


6. Decide which area or side of town that I want to live on. Which area you choose will typically depend upon where you work and what you can afford.  Most people do not like long commute times to work, however some people do not mind sacrificing the commute time for the type of home they see themselves living in.  When you determine your price range and begin to do a cursory online search you may find that the homes in your price range in your desired locations many not be what you like or see yourself  moving into. You also may not even like the homes available or the neighborhoods near where you work for a variety of reasons.  Before contacting a Realtor it is best to have a general idea of where you want to actually live.  If you are unsure then take a drive by different communities or areas you are considering prior to asking an Realtor to show you homes in an unfamiliar area.








7. Think about what home style that I like the most. Do you like New Construction Homes? Homes that no one has lived in before you?  Do you like old homes with Charm and Character? Is a large yard/home site important to you?  Are you looking for an established neighborhood or a live work play area with good walk scores?  Are schools important to you?  You are buying the Micro and the Macro in terms of the neighborhood and the home that you chose.  Remember that homes that are considered "resale" homes will have wear and tear in terms of cosmetic items and aged mechanical's that may have to be repaired or replaced.  Are you thinking of buying a "fixer upper" then remember your bank loan will determine whether you will be able to accomplish this as well.  Most lenders have requirements for property condition when it comes to the loans they provide. Are you considering a townhome or a condominium? These are all items to consider in your initial stages of deciding what type of property to purchase and WHY.


8. Understanding the purchase time frame Once you obtain your pre qualification letter from a lender it typically expires within 60-90 days. That means if you do not purchase a home within that time frame then you will have to complete the process again.  It is also best to note that all homes that are existing are a 30 to 45 day move in.  If the property is new construction and depending upon the stage of construction you go under contract at will determine the closing date which will still be an estimate.  Therefore if you are looking to purchase in a year or 2 you are way to premature to ask a Realtor to begin working with you to show you homes.  Once you ask a Realtor to show you property then you should be prepared to have your qualification letter, money saved and ready to move within 30-45 days or be prepared to go under contract on a new construction home with a later close date.




9. Learn about offer submission and the market that I am buying in.  We all have heard the terms "Buyers Market" and "Sellers Market". These items are somewhat relative in their interpretation.  Generally speaking a "buyers market" is one where there is an excess of comparable inventory in the market and buyers may have more ability to negotiate due to the surplus of inventory.  In a "Seller's Market" there is typically not enough inventory and a seller and you may see seller receiving multiple offers and not having to do things like contribute toward buyer closing costs and other buyer demands to get their property sold.  It is helpful to understand which so called "market" you find yourself in so taht you can better manage expectations.    In any market you will always see those properties that are price just right for their location and property condition and those that are over priced due to their particular circumstances.  With regard to submitting offers the market simply means "what price a Seller is willing to sell at and what price a Buyer is willing to buy at".  Each person has a perspective and value proposition.  Therefore a property may have certain characteristics that you may value MORE or LESS than another buyer.  I have found it is best to understand what a "low ball offer" is. It is an offer typically 10% or more less than asking price of the property.  Lowball offers are sometime insulting to the seller and not considered unless there is a distressed situation and the property has been on market for an extended amount of time, meaning more than 60 days.  Just because you want to offer every seller 20k less than list price does not mean they have to entertain your offer or even respond to it and it is not a good strategy if you are serious about going under contract on a property.  You should also know that the real estate industry does not use "Zillow" to value property either.  Zillow and sites similar to it are real estate marketing websites that are advertising to you so that they can sell you products and services and compete with your local agent from their headquarters in Silicon Valley.  Local agents use our local MLS and Tax Records and knowledge of local markets in addition to viewing our inventory to estimate property values. Also the homes will be valued by an appraiser that the bank will send out once you are under contract to make sure that you are not over paying for any property.   Have a discussion with your agent regarding offer submission and expectations prior to going out to view property.  

10. Making decisions can be tough!  So if there is another decision maker or significant party that you need authorization or permission from or who you will need to ultimately consult, be sure to involve them in the process along the way.  Many deals are killed because one person has done all the other processes, but the other decision maker is not in agreement with some item and the transaction cannot more forward.  This is also important when viewing property.  If you need your significant other to have the final say, be sure that you select property and view together so that decisions can be made in a timely fashion. Your Realtor may not be able to accommodate "double showings" of property viewings, because you went out and saw the homes but you want to bring the other decision maker back out to view as well.  

I hope this helps get some of the items for consideration established so that you can have a good and positive experience and have to right expectations for those you involve in your Real Estate transaction.  Remember, your Realtor, Lender and others are here to help you FACILITATE your desires!  They are not mind readers and do not determine nor control the real estate market nor interest rates and other items but they are your support team ready to help walk you through the process and answer any questions you have and help you every step of the way to owning your home!!


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July 8, 2019

Farmers Market 2019 Downtown Stone Mountain Things To Do!





Stone Mountain Farmers Market has had a successful start. Many Local Farmers bring a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables to the Market.  We have vendors with Honey, Local Foods and Baked Goods As well! Please come out and support our local Georgia Produce!
The Market is open from May 14, 2019 to August 27, 2019 on every Tuesday from 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM in the Municipal Parking Lot.
For more information contact Kim Cumbie at kcumbie@stonemountaincity.org
June 21, 2019

Water's Edge HOA Information

Waters EdgeWaters Edge Subdivision is a beautiful planned unit development that was created by Arvida.  The lake community is situated around a breathtaking, 140 acre scenic lake.  Water’s Edge is an elegant Club community that blends the aesthetics of lakeside living with the enticing advantages of a truly active lifestyle.

Located in DeKalb County, within 30 minutes access to downtown Atlanta, and many of Georgia’s nationally recognized landmarks, this prestigious Stone Mountain address offers our homeowners the benefits of owning a new home in a well-established, wooded community surrounded by the peace and tranquility of Mother Nature.Water’s Edge offers one of the most generous amenity packages in all of metro Atlanta.


• 140 Acre Lake
• Sailing
• Fishing
• Swimming Pools are Located in Lakeside, Dockside , Water's Edge at the main clubhouse
• Tennis
• Boat Ramp
• Boat Dock
• Clubhouse
• Basketball
• Volleyball
• Playground



Managed by Homeowner Management Services Inc.

P.O. Box 2458
Alpharetta, GA 30023-2458

Phone: 770-667-0595
Fax: 770-667-6315



 Absolutely no changes to the exterior of your residence, i.e. cutting down trees, repainting, replacement/repairing a roof, driveway repairs/repainting/pouring, fences, decks, etc…may be done without prior approval from the Architectural Control Committee (ACC).

 There has been an influx of reports of residents having roofs replaced and cutting down trees without obtaining approval from the HOA. You may obtain applications for your proposed changes via the website or thorough the management office.


 Please refer to the following Articles in the Declaration of Covenants:

 5.05 (Page 18) Design Standards“…Nor shall any existing structure upon any lot be altered in any way which materially changes the exterior appearance of the Structure of lot, unless plans and specifications therefore shall have been submitted to and approved in writing by ACC.”

 6.05 (Page22) Landscaping. “No construction or alteration of any Structure shall take place without the prior written approval by the ACC of the plans for the landscaping.”

 6.06 (Page 23) Trees. “No tree…shall be removed from any lot unless such removal is in conformity with approved landscaping plans…submitted pursuant to the provisions of Section 6.05.”

 If you have questions, please call the management office at 770.413.1144 or send an email to the ACC Committee at acc@watersedgehoa.com. Thank you for your cooperation.


 A Message From Your Property Manager

A great number of complaints which come into the management office are calls which have to do with pets in some way or another.  They are not on a leash, roaming neighborhoods, noisy, dirty, messy; pet owners are not cleaning up dog feces or just have too many pets.  This has caused feuds and threats to break out among otherwise reasonable people.  It really points out that pets can be a real problem in creating and maintaining harmonious association living.

Most pet-related problems can be resolved by exercising a little common sense.

·         Keep your dog on a leash.

·         Keep your cat indoors.

·         Clean up after your pets.  Don’t allow your pets to defecate on your neighbors’ lawn.

·         Keep pets reasonably quiet so they don’t disturb your neighbors.


 It is the duty of every pet owner to ensure that their pets are kept under restraint.  Sec. 5-2 of Dekalb County Code states; “ It’s the owners responsibility to take all necessary steps and precautions to protect other people, property and other animals from injury or damage resulting from their animal behavior, including, but not limited to, chasing, biting, or otherwise jeopardizing the safety or welfare of the public.”  Additionally, Sec. 5- 5 of Dekalb County Code states; “   It shall be unlawful for the owner of an animal to allow it to run at large unattended… on or about the streets…”

If a resident is having problems with unwanted stray animals, call Dekalb County Animal Control at 404.294.2947.  It is the homeowner’s responsibility to report such incidents and the County’s responsibility to investigate complaints.

Water’s Edge Pet Policy, instituted in September 2003 indicates that the Board of Directors shall have the right to impose fines on a resident who has a pet considered to be a nuisance to any resident.  The first offense will be a warning to the pet owner and Dekalb County Animal Control will be contacted.  The second offense will be $25.00 and the third offense will be $50.00.  Additionally, substantial fines can be imposed by Dekalb County Courts ranging between $300.00 and $500.00.

The truth is that the world is divided into pet owners and everyone else.  Be respectful of each others’ choices.  If you have a dog, seek instructions and follow ACC guidelines for installation of a pet containment area in your backyard.

Most importantly and the easiest thing to do is to adhere to the Water’s Edge Pet Policy and DeKalb County Codes for Animals.  This will go a very long way in creating that harmonious community living environment that both pet owners and non-pet owners are entitled.

June 21, 2019

Your Ultimate Guide to Moving to Stone Mountain Georgia! Fun Things To Do!

The Ultimate Guide if you are thinking about moving to Stone Mountain



1. Down Town Stone Mountain

Downtown Stone Mountain offers many fun things to do, there are festivals, events, Art Gallery's, Art strolls, Restaurants, Plays and events during the holidays.


Image result for downtown stone mountain


2. Farmers Market

Stone Mountain Farmers Market has had a successful start. We have a delicious array of food and beautiful accessories. The Market is open from May 14, 2019 to August 27, 2019 on every Tuesday from 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM in the Municipal Parking Lot






3.  Stone Mountain Park!

Image result for stone mountain park golf course

 Stone Mountain Golf Club

Memorial Lawn

Is a Major Attraction for Stone Mountain. 


Lasershow History

The Lasershow Spectacular debuted in 1983 on the world’s largest screen, the 825-foot-tall granite outcropping.

In 2008, for the 25th anniversary, the sound system and pyrotechnics for the Lasershow were amped up. 

Innovative when the show launched, the lasers, over time, began to look elementary. In 2011, Mountainvision was launched employing state-of-the-art digital video projection to give the show 3-D-like effects without the need for 3-D glasses. Video opened up a dramatic difference and allowed for new options that the lasers weren’t capable of. Mountainvision can do things like, turn Stone Mountain into a Volcano spewing lava down its sides or the rock crumble right before your eyes. The projection is five times the size of an IMAX screen!

Rockin' Land & Lake Tour

NEW FOR 2019, The Rockin’ Land & Lake Tour is a guided, interactive journey through Stone Mountain Park. Each family-friendly trip is personalized with an expert tour captain for a one-of-a-kind experience every time you ride!

This high-energy, 40-minute journey begins with a tour around the park on Atlanta’s only open-top, double-decker bus. Guests will discover the Park’s iconic areas including the Historic Square, the museum at Memorial Hall, Summit Skyride, and so much more.

Following the scenic land tour, guests disembark the double-decker bus and take to the water for a sightseeing cruise around Stone Mountain Lake. Discover Goat Island, Canoe Island, Carillon and more while soaking up all the spectacular views on board a custom pontoon boat. Then complete your journey with a rockin’ ride back aboard the double-decker bus.

Summer At The Rock

From fun-filled attractions to special summer entertainment and the nightly Lasershow Spectacular in Mountainvision, it’s the perfect destination for you and your family to unplug and reconnect this summer.


Country Living Fair


4. Stone Mountain has so many Festivals and Fairs!  There are things to do almost every weekend and especially during the holidays!. 

Indian Festival and Pow-Wow



Bring your family to experience the energy and color of the largest Native American gathering in Georgia. The four-day Native American Festival and Pow-Wow was named a Top 20 Event by the Southeastern Tourism Society.

Quarry Exhibit

Quarry Exhibit

This outdoor display was developed to tell the story of an industry that played a significant part in the history of Stone Mountain. Throughout the years, 7,645,700 cubic feet of granite were removed from the mountain. This is equal to one-foot-long paving stones stretching from the North Pole to the South Pole (12,444 miles)!

Stone Mountain Park Hiking Trails

5. Hiking Trails, Picnic Areas

Stone Mountain Park features 15 miles of hiking and walking trails, including the 1 mile trail to the top of the mountain which starts at the Confederate Hall Historical & Environmental Education Center.

Walkers, joggers, and bicyclists can circle the mountain on Robert E. Lee Boulevard, a 5 mile loop. Motor vehicle traffic is one-way between Confederate Hall and the Grist Mill so you can enjoy wide dedicated lanes for jogging and biking

Stone Mountain Park Walk-Up Trail




While on top, 1,683 feet above sea level, enjoy amazing views of downtown Atlanta, the North Georgia mountains and the surrounding area. On a haze-free day, you can see 60 miles from the mountain

REI Stone Mountain Boat House

Get outside with REI in the East Lake area of Stone Mountain Park. Join REI Outdoor School instructors for classes, outings, and stand up paddleboard, canoe and kayak rentals.

Stone Mountain Park Fishing


6. Dining and Places to Eat!


Think fresh. Fresh outdoors. Fresh food. Fresh dining. Marketplace at Stone Mountain Park offers Great Food to Go, making it easy to enjoy your day and evening at the park. From mid-morning snacks to complete dinners, many healthy and satisfying choices are within quick reach in a friendly atmosphere. The open style market provides your family with lots of ready-to-go choices

Dining & Full Bar

965 Main Street

Stone Mountain, GA 30083

Delicious Pizza Place with a Full bar for fun casual dining in Down Town Stone Mountain.

Image result for downtown stone mountain

Image result for pizza cafe stone mountain

Pizza Cafe

5370 Stone Mountain Hwy #1030

Stone Mountain, GA 30087


T  /  770 - 413 - 6717



CalaBar & Grill

4144 Redan Rd
Stone Mountain, GA 30083

Photo of CalaBar & Grill - Stone Mountain, GA, United States. CalaBar & Grill front entrance/patio.

Photo of CalaBar & Grill - Stone Mountain, GA, United StatesPhoto of CalaBar & Grill - Stone Mountain, GA, United States


Original Pancake House

5099 Memorial Dr
Stone Mountain, GA 30083

Photo of The Original Pancake House - Stone Mountain, GA, United States. Mixed fruit crepes

Photo of The Original Pancake House - Stone Mountain, GA, United States. French toast

El Torero Mexican 


Photo of El Torero Mexican Restaurant - Stone Mountain, GA, United States. The two burrito platter is excellent. Get the white queso too.

Arden's Garden Juice

4895 Stone Mountain Highway Unit C 
Lilburn, GA 30047

7.  Shopping Centers

Stone Mountain Square

5370 US-78, Stone Mountain, GA 30087

Image result for marshalls stone mountain ga

7. Movie Theaters and Entertainment

Image result for ncg movies


1825 Rockbridge Road Stone Mountain, GA 30087
Located in the Stone Mountain Festival Shopping Center
Showtimes: (678) 476-1020

get air

2075 W Park Pl. Blvd, Stone Mountain, GA 30087

Get Air has thousands of squar feet of wall to wall trampolines to jump bounce and flip for hours of fun. There is an open court of trampolines and plenty of games and a foam pit for fun and safety.

book party hero

Netherworld Haunted House

2076 West Park Place Blvd
Stone Mountain, GA 30087


Buy Tickets Now!



8. Golf Courses

Image result for stone mountain park golf course

Image result for stone mountain park golf course36 Holes of Championship Golf

Located in one of the most popular attractions in Georgia, Stone Mountain Park, just minutes from downtown Atlanta, Stone Mountain Golf Club features two championship golf courses and offers scenic views of historic Stonhe Mountain and Stone Mountain Lake.

What makes Stone Mountain Golf Club such a remarkable experience is the unique personalities of its two courses. The Stonemont Course is a classic challenge that places emphasis on accuracy and strategic course management. The Lakemont Course complements Stonemont with a less demanding, target-oriented layout and exquisite views of Stone Mountain and the surrounding lake.

Stonemont Course
Designed and built in 1969 by the renowned Robert Trent Jones Sr., this masterpiece has offered a pure test of golf from all tees since its inception. The Stonemont Course at Stone Mountain Golf Club has played host to numerous national, professional events as well as Georgia amateur championships.

The Stonemont Course is laid out over gently rolling and cantered fairways of premier Bermuda grass and greens of immaculate bent grass. The par 70 layout stretches 6,863 yards, and is challenging with its narrow fairways, strategically placed bunkers and numerous stands of Georgia pines.

Lakemont Course
Georgia native John LaFoy designed the Lakemont Course at Stone Mountain Golf Club. It features incredible views of Stone Mountain and the lake.

The front 9 holes of the Lakemont Course wind around Stone Mountain Lake, with six holes having water in play. The back 9 offers beautiful holes with rock outcroppings and four holes where water comes into play. LaFoy's penchant for mounding and dramatic bunkering is evident throughout the course. The dramatic elevation changes offer a unique ambience that appeals to every golfer.

Image result for stone mountain park golf coursestone-mountain-clubhouse.jpg


9. Assisted and Independent Senior Living


Active living, Assited Living and onsite healthcare!  Park Springs is an amazing community that services Seniors to facilitate active involved social and supportive lifestyles through all stages of retirement.

They have amenities, activities, rentals and homes to purchase.

Park Springs

500 Springhouse Circle
Stone Mountain, GA 30087

General Information



10. Parks Recreation and Trails!  

Stone Mountain is located in both Dekalb and Gwinnett Counties so the park systems are the best of both Worlds!

Wade Walker YMCA is an awesome facility with camps, a water park and exercise facility for a low monthly membership!  Swim, Team Sports and outdoor recreation areas make for a great experience!

Trail Guide Yellow River Park 3232 Juhan Road, Stone Mountain 30058 General, Program and Rental Information: 678.277.0900

Image result for gwinnett county parks stone mountain ga

Deshong Park 

Image result for gwinnett county parks stone mountain gaImage result for gwinnett county parks stone mountain ga

Featuring a skateboard park, basketball courts, playground walking trails and picnic tables.. Deshong Park is a free fun adventure for hours of fun.


These are just a few things to do in Stone Mountain and great reasons to relocate to the area, and if you need a Realtor to find your dream home please do not hesitate to contact me!  770-231-2253 Thanks for Reading!


May 20, 2019

All About Probate! It's Not Scary!

Image result for probate court

Through the years I have helped many of my clients through the oftentimes tangled web of working through Probate issues.


I am writing this post to hopefully give you some valuable information that you can use to maneuver through the sometimes tangled web. 


If money were no object and you would afford a probate attorney then everyone one would do that. Unfortunately, I have heard (after the fact of course) of people losing their inheritance to probate court or foreclosure because the property was tangled up in a probate issue that the heir was unable to resolve.


If you have a relative that you know owned property and they did not have a will... if the heirs do not come forward then the property can become owned by the State. This is called "intestate".  In Georgia, this is the case. If a person dies without a will then their estate will eventually go to the State of Georgia.


Now, do not fret, we do have Probate courts in each county and there is a way to work through the courts to rightfully claim your property if you are the next of kin.

The first thing that you will be required to do is to complete a "chain of heirs" form.  You can obtain the form from the respective county.  Complete the form and submit to the probate court with the required payment.  In addition, you should complete the form requesting to because of the Executor/Administrator of the Estate.  If there are other heirs, you are required to notify them and to place an add in the local paper for notices.  After the required amount of time has passed you may have a court date to explain to the Probate Judge your claim on the estate and request for Administrative papers. If the Judge Agrees to your claim then you will take an oath and receive the proper paperwork to be able to transfer title of the property held in the estate.


Yes, this sounds easy but it does take some time.  It can get complicated if there are many potential heirs especially if they want a claim as well.  The chain of Heirs form will typically also have a percentage of ownership that the Judge can go by if potential heirs are not able to agree on how the estate shall be split.


I am not an attorney and do not claim to provide legal advice here, I am simply offering you some information on what I have helped to walk my clients through in a multitude of Probate situations.  I honestly suggest taking the time and patience because the rewards can be great.  


I recently had a situation where my client was the conservator over a family member that became elderly and was unable to care for herself.  My client lived out of state and the Attorney that was administering the conservatorship told her to just let the property go for taxes!!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME??  My client received calls from investors telling her the property was worthless and let them have it for $20k.  Lucky for her she called me and I sold the home for $130,000! So it was worth a little paperwork and advertisement in the paper to get that money that otherwise would have been wasted!


I had another situation where a client that became the Administrator over a family members estate and the property in the estate was worth less than the loan amount and there were many liens including tax liens on the property.  Well you may ask.. why even bother?  The answer to that question is that in the estate you have assets and liability.  In order to claim the assets, you have to pay off or resolve the liability. I was able to short sale the property in the estate, remove the IRS lien and other various liens off the property and clear all those issues up so the heir could receive the assets unencumbered from the estate including insurance policies.


So before you just give up... don't!  A little time and paperwork will allow you to claim your rightful inheritance!  Thank you for reading and if you are in the Metro Atlanta area I am happy to help you get your property listed and SOLD!


Just contact me and I can assist you through the needed steps to take to get started with the process of probating your property on your own. Most counties have all the forms you will need online and it is simply a matter of completing the forms, paying the probate filing fees, advertising in the legal paper for potential creditor notification, and then taking an oath that you are filing accurate documents with the courts.


Once administrative authority is obtained you are legally able to dispose of the property.  We can then strategize on the next steps to take!  So again don't hesitate to contact me with questions and to get started!

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May 10, 2019

Is Credit Holding You Back? Not Anymore! www.emgeasycredit.com

Life happens to ALL of us. I have been though it just like many of my clients that I serve and that is certain challenges in life happen, loss of job, income, divorce, health.. economy! You name it! and our credit can become affected.

Many of you may already know that I was a HUD certified housing counselor for many years after the economic crash and I helped SAVE many of my clients homes from foreclosure and I also short sold homes for those clients that simply wanted out of the tremendous negative equity load.

I counseled and coached clients on budgeting and other items to help them get their credit restored. At that time I met George Cole. George was able to help take the load off and work with those clients that had foreclosures, bankruptcy, and other challenges to get those items removed. The process was different then and many things have changed with the credit bureaus. George has grown his company and evolved with the times and is able to reverse negative credit.

Yes that is right. Reverse Negative Credit. The old method has been "dispute dispute dispute" and I have not recommended ANY companies ( outside of Housing Counselors and the Mortgage Company you are working with to get a credit "re score") up until now as you cannot have any items in dispute when you make a mortgage applicaiton and as soon as they come out of dispute the credit score drops. I also did not like all the "membershi[" sites that want you to enroll and pay them monthly the rest of your days as they say they only dispute a few items at at time. 

This is COMPLETELY different. It works. www.emgeasycredit.com  please take a look at the information videos testimonials.. contact their office or hey call me!

Whether you decide to purchase a home or not.. you still need your credit to obtain good interest rates on auto loans and insurance... and even to rent. 


May 10, 2019

Working on your credit? Start with Debt Validation!

In accordance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), you can challenge the validity of a debt. Following is a sample debt validation letter that you can use to request the creditor/collection agency verify that the debt is actually yours and you are legally bound to pay that debt. However, make sure you send the debt validation letter in registered mail.


Re: Acct No 


To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter in response to the phone call/letter received from you on (Date). In conformance to my rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), I am requesting you to provide me with a validation of the debt that you talked of earlier. Please note, this is not a refusal to pay, rather a statement that your claim is disputed and validation is demanded. (15 USC 1692g Sec. 809 (b))

I do hereby request that your office provide me with complete documentation to verify that I owe the said debt and have any legal obligation to pay you.

Please provide me with the following:

  1. Agreement with the creditor that authorizes you to collect on this alleged debt
  2. The agreement bearing my signature stating that I have agreed to assume the debt
  3. Valid copies of the debt agreement stating the amount of the debt and interest charges
  4. Proof that the Statute of Limitations has not expired
  5. Complete payment history on this account along with an accounting of all additional charges being assessed
  6. Show me that you are licensed to collect in my state; and
  7. Your license numbers and Registered Agent

If your office fails to reply to this debt validation letter within 30 days from the date of your receipt, all instances related to this account must be immediately deleted and completely removed from my credit file. Moreover, all future attempts to collect on the said debt must be ceased.

Your non-compliance with my request will also be construed as an absolute waiver of all claims to enforce the debt against me and your implied agreement to compensate me for court costs and attorney fees if I am forced to bring this matter before a judge.

Thanking you,

Your Signature_______________________

Your Name__________________________


April 25, 2019

What Is a Comparative Market Analysis? The CMA Explained

A home's price is a moving target—based on where it is, when it's listed for sale, whether it has that trendy open kitchen, all of it. So if you're tasked with pricing your own home before putting it on the market, how do you figure out how much your place is worth?

Home sellers pondering this question will no doubt hear they should figure this out by asking a real estate agent for a comparative market analysis, or CMA. But what is it? A comparative market analysis estimates a home's value based on the recent sales of similar real estate in the area.

Whether you're hoping to buy a house or sell one, understanding the CMA is essential. Here's everything home buyers and sellers need to know

Comparative market analysis (CMA) explained

Real estate agents create CMAs by looking at comparables, or comps—recently sold properties that are similar to your own home (or, if you're a home buyer, the one you want to make an offer on). Similarity is key, since it gets you closest to an apples-to-apples comparison.

Let's say your own home has three bedrooms, two baths, and is around 2,000 square feet. Your neighbor's down the block is also a three-bedroom, two-bath house clocking in at 1,950 square feet—and it sold last week for $300,000. Odds are, your place is worth about that same price.

"Comparable homes should be in the same or similar neighborhood, have similar square footage, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, features, and upgrades,"

But since most houses are at least a little bit unique, how identical do they need to be?comps should ideally have the same number of bedrooms and bathrooms, be located within a quarter-mile of your home, and within 200 square feet of your home's size. Whenever possible, they should be in your ZIP code and school district too.

It's also important to make sure your CMA analyzes recent sales. Markets can change quickly, so I advise to not go back any more than six months.

Another rookie mistake? Looking at listing prices on homes and assuming those are realistic comps. Those numbers may be inflated based on home sellers' hopes of what they'll get rather than reality.

Bottom line: CMAs should take into account the final sales prices of homes.

The more comps you use, the better you can triangulate a home's price, but if you have at least three comparable, recently sold properties, you should be able to average out their prices and get a good sense of what a given home is worth.

Why to ask real estate agents for CMAs

Most real estate agents will provide you with a CMA for free, especially if you are selling your home. In fact, comparing CMAs is a great way to find the agent you want to work with

How to do your own comparative market analysis

While your real estate agent can do a CMA for you, you might want to do your own analysis. You can find comps by searching for recent home sales in your area on listing sites such as realtor.com.

One way to quickly assess how much a house is worth is to use an online home value estimator.You plug in an address, and within seconds, a computer algorithm will scan comps, crunch the numbers, then deliver an estimate of how much the house in question is worth.

While online home value calculators are a great starting point, they aren't the end all, be all. Like any fully automated tool, they can't take everything into consideration that a human could. Consider it your springboard for further research you or a real estate agent can explore further.

Taking condition into consideration

OK, so you've found your recently sold comps, and hopefully they match up with the property you're analyzing. The more nuanced bit is taking things like condition, lot size, extras, and curb appeal into consideration.

"You can't compare a fixer-upper to something with lots of upgrades," Ideally, you will be able to find comps in a similar condition to the house you're trying to price—but if not, be wary of just adding the full cost of your remodeling to a home's price.

In other words, just because you spent $10,000 installing an in-ground pool does not mean home buyers are willing to pay you $10,000 more. On average, homeowners should expect to make back only about 56% of the money they spend on renovations, and that return on investment varies widely based on what you do (here's the ROI on 20 popular home improvements).

 try to find comps with a similar home style. In her market, for example, trendy midcentury modern homes bring a higher price.

Some market knowledge is harder to DIY. Every area will have different things that are desirable, and upgrades and extras will be worth more in some areas than others. In California, for example, Ahumada estimates that a high-end kitchen remodel adds between $20,000 and $40,000 to a home's price. But if you're doing a CMA for an area where home prices average $150,000, those numbers are going to be much lower.

Going beyond comps

Still not sure you've done enough homework? Another tactic to further hone your CMA is to ask your real estate agent to contact other agents to get the scoop on homes that aren't sold quite yet, but are currently waiting to close.