Waters EdgeWaters Edge Subdivision is a beautiful planned unit development that was created by Arvida.  The lake community is situated around a breathtaking, 140 acre scenic lake.  Water’s Edge is an elegant Club community that blends the aesthetics of lakeside living with the enticing advantages of a truly active lifestyle.

Located in DeKalb County, within 30 minutes access to downtown Atlanta, and many of Georgia’s nationally recognized landmarks, this prestigious Stone Mountain address offers our homeowners the benefits of owning a new home in a well-established, wooded community surrounded by the peace and tranquility of Mother Nature.Water’s Edge offers one of the most generous amenity packages in all of metro Atlanta.


• 140 Acre Lake
• Sailing
• Fishing
• Swimming Pools are Located in Lakeside, Dockside , Water's Edge at the main clubhouse
• Tennis
• Boat Ramp
• Boat Dock
• Clubhouse
• Basketball
• Volleyball
• Playground



Managed by Homeowner Management Services Inc.

P.O. Box 2458
Alpharetta, GA 30023-2458

Phone: 770-667-0595
Fax: 770-667-6315



 Absolutely no changes to the exterior of your residence, i.e. cutting down trees, repainting, replacement/repairing a roof, driveway repairs/repainting/pouring, fences, decks, etc…may be done without prior approval from the Architectural Control Committee (ACC).

 There has been an influx of reports of residents having roofs replaced and cutting down trees without obtaining approval from the HOA. You may obtain applications for your proposed changes via the website or thorough the management office.


 Please refer to the following Articles in the Declaration of Covenants:

 5.05 (Page 18) Design Standards“…Nor shall any existing structure upon any lot be altered in any way which materially changes the exterior appearance of the Structure of lot, unless plans and specifications therefore shall have been submitted to and approved in writing by ACC.”

 6.05 (Page22) Landscaping. “No construction or alteration of any Structure shall take place without the prior written approval by the ACC of the plans for the landscaping.”

 6.06 (Page 23) Trees. “No tree…shall be removed from any lot unless such removal is in conformity with approved landscaping plans…submitted pursuant to the provisions of Section 6.05.”

 If you have questions, please call the management office at 770.413.1144 or send an email to the ACC Committee at acc@watersedgehoa.com. Thank you for your cooperation.


 A Message From Your Property Manager

A great number of complaints which come into the management office are calls which have to do with pets in some way or another.  They are not on a leash, roaming neighborhoods, noisy, dirty, messy; pet owners are not cleaning up dog feces or just have too many pets.  This has caused feuds and threats to break out among otherwise reasonable people.  It really points out that pets can be a real problem in creating and maintaining harmonious association living.

Most pet-related problems can be resolved by exercising a little common sense.

·         Keep your dog on a leash.

·         Keep your cat indoors.

·         Clean up after your pets.  Don’t allow your pets to defecate on your neighbors’ lawn.

·         Keep pets reasonably quiet so they don’t disturb your neighbors.


 It is the duty of every pet owner to ensure that their pets are kept under restraint.  Sec. 5-2 of Dekalb County Code states; “ It’s the owners responsibility to take all necessary steps and precautions to protect other people, property and other animals from injury or damage resulting from their animal behavior, including, but not limited to, chasing, biting, or otherwise jeopardizing the safety or welfare of the public.”  Additionally, Sec. 5- 5 of Dekalb County Code states; “   It shall be unlawful for the owner of an animal to allow it to run at large unattended… on or about the streets…”

If a resident is having problems with unwanted stray animals, call Dekalb County Animal Control at 404.294.2947.  It is the homeowner’s responsibility to report such incidents and the County’s responsibility to investigate complaints.

Water’s Edge Pet Policy, instituted in September 2003 indicates that the Board of Directors shall have the right to impose fines on a resident who has a pet considered to be a nuisance to any resident.  The first offense will be a warning to the pet owner and Dekalb County Animal Control will be contacted.  The second offense will be $25.00 and the third offense will be $50.00.  Additionally, substantial fines can be imposed by Dekalb County Courts ranging between $300.00 and $500.00.

The truth is that the world is divided into pet owners and everyone else.  Be respectful of each others’ choices.  If you have a dog, seek instructions and follow ACC guidelines for installation of a pet containment area in your backyard.

Most importantly and the easiest thing to do is to adhere to the Water’s Edge Pet Policy and DeKalb County Codes for Animals.  This will go a very long way in creating that harmonious community living environment that both pet owners and non-pet owners are entitled.