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Life happens to ALL of us. I have been through it just like many of my clients that I serve and that is certain challenges in life happen, loss of a job, income, divorce, health.. economy! You name it! and our credit can become affected.

Many of you may already know that I was a HUD-certified housing counselor for many years after the economic crash and I helped SAVE many of my clients homes from foreclosure and I also short sold homes for those clients that simply wanted out of the tremendous negative equity load.

I counseled and coached clients on budgeting and other items to help them get their credit restored. At that time I met George Cole. George was able to help take the load off and work with those clients that had foreclosures, bankruptcy, and other challenges to get those items removed. The process was different then and many things have changed with the credit bureaus. George has grown his company and evolved with the times and is able to reverse negative credit.

Yes that is right. Reverse Negative Credit. The old method has been "dispute dispute dispute" and I have not recommended ANY companies ( outside of Housing Counselors and the Mortgage Company you are working with to get a credit "re score") up until now as you cannot have any items in dispute when you make a mortgage application and as soon as they come out of dispute the credit score drops. I also did not like all the "membershi[" sites that want you to enroll and pay them monthly the rest of your days as they say they only dispute a few items at a time.

This is COMPLETELY different. It works. please take a look at the information videos testimonials.. contact their office or hey call me!

Whether you decide to purchase a home or not... you still need your credit to obtain good interest rates on auto loans and insurance... and even to rent.

Thank you for reading!